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Elgin Musical Theatre, EMT for short,  is a group of enthusiatic and talented individuals which gets together in Elgin Town Hall during March every year to perform mu.. We open our doors to newcomers every year in the search for new fresh talent within Moray and the surrounding areas, both onstage and behind the scenes. Whether it is dancing, singing or acting, we strive to find people with a passion for the stage, and an ability to entertain others. We have an amazingly talented production team, who year after year produce some of the nation's favourite musicals.


As a registered charirty (registered charity number SC003769), we also like to perform occasional concerts in the local area. Please feel free to read about our background and the things that we do. If you would like to see our productions or join us either on the stage or backstage then we would be pleased to hear from you. Send us a message on our "Contact" section.


A Short History of the Society


In 1966 a band of Moray music enthusiasts got together, called a public meeting, and reconstituted the Elgin Operatic Society after a lapse of 29 years. Despite competition from the cinema and television, the society flourished. Their first event after reforming was a concert in Elgin Town Hall on December 21, 1966. As there was no money in the coffers to finance an operatic production the society chose to stage another concert to mark their 21st anniversary, again in the town hall on March 14, 1987. But this was a far more lavish and ambitious presentation. Guest performers were the popular Scottish opera singer Bill McCue, a former society member Alison Rodger, and well-known violinist Peter Zanre, who also played in the 1966 concert. Members of the society sang popular works, including several by Gilbert and Sullivan, and the second half of the programme featured Act II of "Die Fledermaus", which is, appropriately, a party scene. Also in on the act were the late Margaret Gow's young dancers from the Moray Youth Theatre.


The musical director for the 1967 Mikado was another founder member, the late Alwyn Laxton, who had been involved in conducting and accompanying the society and other musical groups since the 1920s. One of Moray's leading figures in music-making, he was organist and choirmaster at St Giles Church, Elgin, for 63 years, and music teacher at Elgin Academy until his retirement in 1959. His last show for the operatic society was "The Gondoliers" in 1970, and he died in 1981 at the age of 88. Brian Anderson, today's rehearsal pianist, followed him as musical director, then Michael Appleford and Steve Merson, and from 1979 the baton was held by John Howden. Isobel Burnie followed him both as accompanist and then musical director for ten tears. In 2005, the commitee voted to formally rename the society Elgin Musical Theatre. More recently Gillian Anderson and Bob Garrity have been our musical directors.

The Society has maintained a reputation for staging tuneful and colourful shows which have entertained members and audiences.

If you would like to see our productions or join us either on the stage or backstage then we would be pleased to hear from you. See our "Contact" section

South Pacific

March 2014

Me & My Girl

March 2013

Music Music Music

March 2012

Disney's Beauty And The Beast

March 2011

Vivo Mexico

March 2010

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